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About 15 years ago, Chef Saipin Chutima established her family run restaurant, “Lotus of Siam”, in a modest strip mall location in Las Vegas. Critics regularly claim that Lotus of Siam is the best Thai restaurant in the country. The restaurant thrives in a difficult location attracting tourists who have been lured by countless critical reviews posted online. The restaurant also caters to locals who return regularly for the competitively priced 200+ item menu and extensive wine list. Chef Chutima’s loyal following and success are remarkable.
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A unique experience of spices, herbs, and flavors only found in traditional Northern Thai culture.

Khao Soi

Crispy duck served on a bed of egg noodles in a curry base sauce, garnished with sliced red onions, lime and pickled vegetables.

Garlic Prawns

Deep fried prawns with shells (almost like potato chips), sautéed with our special garlic sauce, topped with ground black pepper.

Chef Saipin and Lotus of Siam have received several awards for their distinctive Northern Thai Cuisine.

OVER 300



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